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20,000 and counting


Across all industries there will invariably be a product or component that is the ‘Standard’ for that industry. Well, here is another product to consider: The DMN-WESTINGHOUSE PTD Plug Type Diverter.


What has the PTD diverter got to justify this accolade we hear you ask? It’s fairly simple really. In addition to being a truly iconic design compared to other types of diverter on the market, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has just sold the 20,000th PTD since its launch in 2002.


The PTD was designed to route powders and pellets and to do so with minimum degradation under pneumatic conveying conditions. Also, the PTD can be installed in any powder processing system which handles powder or granules - chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, food – and because of its relatively light weigh it can be installed in elevated locations which gives system designers a range of options not generally available with other diverters.


When DMN engineers designed the PTD, they made absolutely sure that every model in the range was maintenance friendly. Servicing, cleaning and, if needed, seal replacement is really easy. What is more, there are no external moving parts; all the control systems are housed within the casing. Finally, the PTD conforms to all the current legislation: not just within Europe, but globally.
So is the PTD an industry ‘Standard’? With 20,000 sales in just 16 years, most definitely it is!


DMN WESTINGHOUSE news 20000 and counting

Promotions and Appointments at DMN UK


Despite the uncertainty regarding Brexit, the UK office of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is as busy now as it ever has been - and not just in the UK but also at the Indian office, which is a satellite to the UK Office. In order to maintain the momentum, staff have been promoted and new staff appointed in areas that needed bolstering.


From his previous position as Sales Engineer, Colin Dunsford has been appointed the UK After-Sales Manager.  The number of customers wanting Service and Maintenance contracts has grown significantly over the past few years and, in this new position, Colin will be responsible for developing this important part of the business still further.


Replacing Colin Dunsford as Sales Engineer is Chris Berry. Chris has just joined DMN UK from the automotive industry. He will be helping with liaison between the company and customers in both the UK and India.


On the Servicing side, Ryan Gallagher has joined DMN UK as a Service Engineer and will be working closely with Service Engineer Jack Williamson and Service Manager, Andy Sutton. Ryan completed his engineering apprenticeship with the British Army and then went on to work in the engineering department of Railtrak.


The Indian office in Chennai, which started life with a Sales Manager and a Marketing co-ordinator, has also expanded. A new internal sales engineer has been appointed, two additional Sales Engineers with extensive process system experience will be appointed to cover the Delhi and Mumbai areas and, as India is such a vast area, DMN UK has appointed two agents.   


Bob Rogers is the General Manager for DMN UK: “Our promotions and appointments reflect the way that DMN UK has grown over the past few years. The Servicing Department has always been stretched; Ryan’s appointment should help here.”


“The Indian market has become extremely important hence the appointment of sales engineers and agents. The contacts that we have developed through the good work of our staff in India together with the exhibitions that we have invested in are resulting in orders which is why we have needed to expand our sales and after-sales facility.”


For more information please contact Bob Rogers on 01249 818401 or

New DMN-WESTINGHOUSE High Pressure valve beats air leakage


At the Powtech DMN-WESTINGHOUSE will present its newly designed HP high pressure rotary valve. This valve has a very important advantage in air leakage: the special configuration of the body and rotor does not only protect product against degradation, it also does not allow any axial air leakage. This means that this valve has an air leakage reduction of one third against other standard high pressure valves.

1604 A5 HP valve free 300dpi square 120x120px

The DMN-WESTINGHOUSE HP rotary valves with specially designed inlet are very suitable for applications in the metering and pneumatic conveying of granular formed products under a high pressure of maximum 3.5 bar g. The configuration of the body, rotor and seals has been specifically developed to minimise degradation of the product which runs through it, whilst retaining the best possible pocket filling efficiency.


The HP valves are supplied with a 316 stainless steel body and aluminium end covers, in order to have maximum protection against wear. The standard full end disc rotor is made of 316 stainless steel and has 12 fixed blades. Due to the state of the art manufacturing facility, a high accuracy and tight rotor clearances can easily be attained. The end covers have outboard bearings, lubricated and sealed for life. The special construction of the shaft sealing guarantees the lowest air leakage. All models offer optimum venting through the large vent hole, so a maximum product flow into the vented pockets is guaranteed. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE fits SEW drives as their standard.


The HP valves are available in 3 consecutive sizes from 200 - 300, covering a capacity range of the rotor from 8.3 - 30 litre per revolution at 100% filling. The standard models are suitable for handling products up to a temperature of +80°C and a maximum pressure difference of 3.5 bar.


DMN-WESTINGHOUSE have been designing and manufacturing rotary valves and diverter valves for bulk solids handling for more than 45 years. Offering tailor made solutions to the global food, dairy, plastics, (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, power and biomass industries, our range comprises a number of universal components suitable for many applications. Additionally we supply components that are USDA Dairy Accepted, pressure shock resistant to 10 bar, flame proof, ATEX 94/9/EC compliant, EHEDG Type EL Class I compliant, etc.