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ATEX - DMN dust up Case history of DMN as a manufacturer at the forefront of supplying rotary and diverter valves for ATEX compliance. (UK)
Zan-Noh Grain Corporation Case history of an AL300/3C Airlock to handle high silica content grain dust at one of the largest corn and soybea handling terminals in the United States. (USA)
Vigo/Alessi Food Case history of an AL250/3C Airlock to withstand the abrasive characteristic of rice in a continuous feed system in the Tampa facility. (USA)
The Pick of the Crop Case history of MLD400 rotary valves in waste removal systems from Vak Systems at Marshall Brothers, Lincolnshire Field Products and Exotic Farm Produce. (UK)
Bean there, done that Case history of an MTDV multi-port diverter handling roasted coffee beans at Matthew Algie. (UK)
Worth their Weight Case history of BTD Ball type diverters performing well at Imerys Minerals (handling China clay), Ruberoid Building Products (powders and granulate PVD's) and WBB Minerals. (UK)
The Right Spirit Case history of an AML Airlock handling sugar for Glayva whisky liqueur at global spirits producer Whyte and Mackay. (UK)
Using the right ingredients Case history of AL Airlocks, Discharge units and Morris couplings handling finely divided organic foodstuffs at Kerry Ingredients. (UK)
No Wear to Hide Case history of a ceramic lined BL Blowing seal handling ferrite powder at LG Philips Displays. (UK)