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MZC-I and MZC-II rotary valves bring you easy access and safe cleanability

The already high safety and hygiene standards will become harder to meet in the future. In all industries, it's important to prevent downtime for cleaning as much as possible. The MZC-I and the MZC-II rotary valves are in tune with that. As a range, they represent the new standard of easy and safe cleanability to reach an extreme level of hygiene.


MZC-I: the all-purpose rotary valve

The new MZC-I rotary valve is a real jack of all trades. This robust all-purpose rotary valve is suitable for almost any industry. The MCZ-I rotary valve opens on one side and due to its compact design, the rotary valve will fit even in limited spaces.


MZC-II: when strict hygiene is required
While sharing the same MZC base as the MZC-I rotary valve, the MZC-II opens on two sides for unprecedented easy access and superior cleanability. Because of this, cross-contamination between batches belongs to the past and product integrity will be ensured. Customers who operate in industries with strict hygiene regulations will choose the MZC-II rotary valve.


Request an online personal demonstration
Why not see for yourself how easy to open and clean our MZC rotary valves are? Learn all there is to know about the MZC platform via a live demonstration. Contact our sales department to arrange a personal online demonstration.



which rotary valve is ticking all your boxes?



    One-sided opening for easy and safe cleaning. The rotary valve opens so easily; anyone can do it! Because of its compact design, the MZC-I is space efficient.


    • One-sided opening
    • Ease of use
    • Safety
    • Hygiene
    • Easy Cleanability
    • Sizes from 150 to 350


    Opening on two sides. When absolute spotless rotary valve cleaning is needed. With MZC-II you can meet the highest hygiene requirements.


    • Two-sided opening
    • Ease of use
    • Safety
    • Hygiene
    • Superior cleanability
    • Sizes from 150 to 350

    The MZC-II rotary valve is most used in environments where cross-contamination of origins should be avoided at all costs. This is possible due to it's two sided opening capability.