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This year – September in fact – we, in the UK office of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE are celebrating our 20th Anniversary. This is quite a big deal for two reasons. Firstly, we are able to celebrate twenty successful years. Now, not all of those years have been plain sailing but, because I have a first-class team here, we were able to pull together at times when we needed to. Secondly, and possibly more important from my own point of view, I am celebrating my own twenty years with the company. I was here when it all started in the UK and I am delighted to be able to say that, in my new position within the company, I will be here for a few more years yet.

Because I have been around the UK processing industries for a while, I have very close ties with our clients, which I feel is the most important part of any supplier customer relationship. I know most of them well and consider many of them to be friends. This works both ways and every now and then I will be asked what, aside from my job, really interests me. Well, not unnaturally I enjoy football and I am an enthusiastic Manchester United supporter. OK, I have admitted it. But my other real interest is aeroplanes and travel.

I have had an almost passionate interest in everything to do with aeroplanes since I was a small boy. When I met my wife forty years ago this year, one of our first dates was a trip to Heathrow – we are still together so it can’t have damaged her too much. I have an app on my phone which will tell me what flight is above me at any time, what it is, where it has come from and where it is going. Almost as bad as train spotting, no offence to those who do this by the way.  

Two years ago, I launched the Indian office – something else that I am proud of – and last year gave us our largest order in the company's history. This has meant visiting India fairly frequently which, of course involves another interest which is travel.

At the beginning of October I will be leaving my job as General Manager of the UK office and will concentrate on spreading the DMN-WESTINGHOUSE brand name in countries where we are not so well known. Yes of course I will be sorry to leave the team that I have built-up over the years, but the opportunity to help us grow and meet new and interesting people will be a great opportunity for me as well as our company.

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