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That’s a bold statement! We have always let our products do the talking and, because we are one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of rotary and diverter valves, I would like to hope that we are well known to many or even most of you in the solids bulk handling industry. But the products or the logo do not solely make the brand. The people also play a major part. Whether it’s the sales person selling the valves, the purchaser buying castings, the craftsmen welding, milling, turning and assembling the parts, the maintenance guy who looks after the machines or the export lady making sure that everything is at the right place at the right time. Or me at Marketing Communications, looking after the brand identity on a daily basis. We all play our part.

So, when looking for new ideas to communicate with our customers and stakeholders, I figured why not communicate the people also? There are about 220 of us worldwide at present and we are still growing. Lots of them will have a story to tell and they might need some encouragement, so I will set the ball rolling.

I am proud of our brand. I don’t think that it is unreasonable to state that over the past forty-five years, this brand has come to represent the very best in high quality rotary and diverter valves. We have always manufactured at the base where we started almost 70 years ago and every day we combine local craftsmanship with state of the art machinery and a leading global focus. My friends and family are often surprised when I tell them who our customers are and where our valves are shipped to and for that matter, so am I. Once I even got an enquiry from New Caledonia and, to be honest, I had to use Google to find it.

In a way I feel at home with these hard working, dedicated, sometime quirky people who create high end products that find their way all over the globe. So, in being proud of our brand, I am also very proud of being part of this amazing group of people. And it was like this right from the beginning.

One of my first memories of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE was when walking through the factory almost 18 years ago smelling metal and grease. I love those smells, they remind me of my dad who was a mechanical engineer. Regardless how busy I am, I try to stay connected with the shop floor. Even though we are talking about nothing more than a collection of metal parts, I see incredible visual appeal and craftsmanship in our products. And I get the same feeling at every exhibition that I attend: our current distinctive red, white, blue and metal look stand design is unmissable and, despite all the years that I have been responsible for the design and management, I still get a real buzz out of being involved. One of the joys of my job.

DMN WESTINGHOUSE Tonneke Krempel the people are the brand