14 January 2020UK

This story is about a valve that had been replaced some years ago and had been consigned to the bin in readiness for its final journey to the scrap yard. We are unable to identify the owner of this valve for confidentiality reasons. However, we are able to say that a project manager at the company thought that the valve might just have some life left and got in touch with DMN UK’s Service Team.

As the ‘before’ photograph shows, the valve, an original Westinghouse GS200 blowing seal which is over twenty years old, was a mess. It was full of moisture and covered in muck and corrosion and some early-stage vegetation. But, with some time spent on cleaning, the Service Team began to realise that indeed, this old valve could be refurbished and could provide the customer with a few more years.

After some machine work, replacement parts, a lot of cleaning and a new coat of paint, the valve looks as good as when it was first supplied. The valve is now back on site and  ready for production!

Our valves are built to last, contact us to see if we can give your valves a new lease of life!


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