DMN-WESTINGHOUSE keeps her worldly ties strong

24 September 2019Inside stories

We at DMN-WESTINGHOUSE are famous for our rotary valves and diverter valves.

Last September, we have invited our distributors for a two-day-meeting in Germany.

Every year we come together to show everyone our appreciation, just as an extra.

Together with our colleagues we talk about new developments, sales, products and so on. Furthermore, we show our distributors one of our production facilities.

Exploring new terrain


This year we took our distributors on a tour of our production process at Gesra – our production facility in Altshausen. This is the place where our diverter valves are produced.

For many of our distributors, this production facility in Germany was new terrain and therefore a valuable addition to their knowledge.

When they sell our products, we find it important that they know what they are talking about.

Because when you do not know your business, you cannot be an ambassador, right?

We are very proud to have such well-educated and professionals representing us all over the world.


Worldly inspiration


Our distributors come from many different countries: Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, The Baltic States, Italy, Turkey, Norway, Russia, Poland, South-Korea, China, Brazil and so on…

This interesting mix creates a boost of refreshing ideas and creations for our processes. During those two days, we discussed multiple subjects and we catched up with each other on the previous year.

In the evenings we had conclude the eventful days by enjoying a dinner together. Even though we produce on a worldly basis, we like to keep the ties with our distributors strong and close by.

After this successful edition, we’re already looking forward to the inspiration our next meeting will bring us.

See you next year!

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