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65.4 million tonnes! This is the weight of electrical products and consumer electronics that will be recycled globally in 2017. It will include plastics, circuit boards, chips and wiring, gold and some materials which are dangerous to health, all from that plastic box that you purchased some years ago and no longer want. But this figure is nothing compared to the weight of all the other products from tin cans to cars, ships and aeroplanes which we recycle each year. Recycling is a massive and ever growing world-wide industry. It is even said that recycled products kick-started the Chinese ecconomy when, with a shortage of raw materials, China imported billions of tonnes of ‘waste’ for recycling purposes.

Today, specialist industry-centric recyling facilities such as WEE plants (Waste electrical and electronic) use DMN-WESTINGHOUSE products extensively for handling valuable poducts such as flaked or granulated plastics which are sold on to the injection moulding and rotary moulding industries.

Flaked or granulated products that don’t present problems such as abrasion, can be handled by any one of five valve types manufactured by DMN-WESTINGHOUSE. For plastics and similar products the HP or GL valves are ideal. For more fibrous products that can be difficult to process, we would recommend an AML stainless steel valve fitted with flexible polyurethane rotor blades that constantly scrape the bore of the valve clean at the same time as preventing product build-up. For diverter valves, either the GPD or BTD if the product is abrasive, will be a suitable solution.