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Power Biomass

With one or two notable exceptions, practically every industrialised country in the world acknowledges that we are facing a major problem with global warming. The reasons for global warming are well known; our use of fossil fuels for energy, transportation and a variety of other factors. But we simply can’t switch off every coal or oil consuming power station while we develop and bring on-line ‘clean’ energy generating processes. Hence biofuel.

As a compromise, biofuel ticks all the boxes. It is carbon neutral and, in most instances, is produced from waste material – combustible industrial products, food and agricultural waste and, of course, trees grown specifically for the purpose. In most, though not all instances, these waste products are peletised for easy transportation and combustion and when it comes to the delivery of peletised biofuels into the conveying lines that feed power station boilers, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is an acknowledged specialist.

There are a total of six rotary valves that DMN-WESTINGHOUSE recommends for handling peletised biofuels and the final choice will depend on the quality of the pellet. As an example, a large power generator in North-East England uses modified AL and AML series rotary valves. These valves have wear resistant bores and hardened rotor blades.

While DMN-WESTINGHOUSE recommends two different diverter valves – GPD and BTD – it is the latter that will be most suitable for handling an abrasive peletised biofuel. The BTD is namely a ball type diverter which has been specifically designed to handle abrasive products in a pneumatic conveying system.