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In Swaziland, Africa, there is the oldest known mine. Thanks to carbon dating, scientists are fairly certain that around 43,000 years ago our ancestors mined Lion Cave for hematite from which to manufacture red ochre. Not a great number of us use red ochre today, but from those very early attempts at mineral extraction we now have a world which has become totally reliant on minerals for the serious business of transport, communication, energy generation, construction and finance and, of course, luxury goods and industrial coatings.

While many minerals do not need any special handling, many others do because of abrasiveness and other handling difficulties. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE manufactures five different rotary valves that are suitable for handling minerals along with two different diverter valves.

With so many different minerals used by so many different industries, processing procedures are going to differ significantly. With this in mind, the rotary and diverter valves that we recommend are available from 100mm through to 500mm for rotary valves and from 50mm through to 400mm for the diverters. For recommended rotary valves, a range of different rotor designs are also available to ensure optimum efficiency and for minerals that may have a high wear factor to consider when conveying, special alloys and/or internal coatings can provide for additional protection.

When it comes to diverter valves, the BTD ball diverter is very suitable for the mineral industry, since it has been specifically designed to handle abrasive products such as china clay in pneumatic conveying systems.