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The growth of the plastics industry is completely in line with us as a society of consumers. In 1950, global plastics production was running at around 1.5 million tonnes. The latest figures show plastics production running at nearly 330 million tonnes. This is a massive industry which touches literally everyone. It is also extremely valuable; a value which in fact in many ways is being wasted every time we throw a plastic drinks bottle into a rubbish bin.

Fortunately there is a rising awareness of the present and future consequences of plastic waste. Governments are waking up to the problem and various initiatives are now in place. This is encouraging because according to the United Nations Environmental Program, about 43 percent of the plastic used globally is currently disposed of in landfills.

DMN –WESTINGHOUSE has a range of products available for handling virgin and recycled regrind, flaked and granular plastics. The HP high pressure rotary valve has been specially designed to handle granular formed products under a high pressure of 3.5 bar g. It has a very important advantage in air leakage: the special configuration of de body and rotor does not only protect the product against degradation, it also does not allow any axial air leakage. This means that this valve has an air leakage reduction of one third against other standard high pressure valves. For lower pressure systems, the range includes the GL granular valve. Both valves have been designed to minimise product degradation whilst retaining the best possible pocket filling efficiency.