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A world with no processed chemicals at all would present a very inhospitable environment. No medicines and no oil based products so no transportation as we know it. Drinking water would not taste good and there would be no processed foods. Clothing would look very strange and money would probably look like pebbles – banks like gravel pits. Practically everything that we have day-to-day contact with would be completely different – or non-existent. The chemical industry touches every industry and, therefore, us all. So we shouldn’t be surprised to discover that by 2020, according to a report by Solidiance, the global chemical industry will be worth around $5.1 trillion.

Practically every rotary and diverter valve manufactured by DMN-WESTINGHOUSE can be used for handling a powdered chemical of some kind. However, for handling granular formed products we recommend the HP or GL series. The HP high pressure valves are very suitable for high pressure systems up to 3.5 bar whereas the GL granular valve can be used in normal pressure systems.

Diverter valves are extensively used throughout the chemical processing industries and the recently launched PTD and SPTD(S) ranges are market leading in terms of design and capability. Both models have been designed to handle chemicals and can run at extremes of high and low temperatures without fear of product escaping into the environment. Sizes range from 50mm to 200mm (PTD) or 50mm to 400mm (SPTDS-SPTD).