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Animal Feed

In 2017, the International Feed Industry Federation estimated that global animal feed production was approaching an estimated 1 billion tonnes annually with a value of around $400 billion. Of the 140 countries with significant animal feed production facilities, thirty of those countries account for 86 percent of the world’s total feed. (Alltech Global Feed Survey).

This is an industry that continues to grow because according The UN Food and Agricultural Organization, the world will need to produce 60% more food by 2050.

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has been involved with the animal feed industry for many years and has worked closely with companies building both new facilities and refurbishing existing plants. We have a range of rotary valves in stainless steel and cast iron in sizes from 100mm up to 500mm and diverter valves in sizes up to 400mm. We can also supply valves with abrasion resistant coatings such as hard chrome and tungsten.

Powdered and granular ingredients are commonplace in the animal feed industry. Virtually every type of rotary valve or diverter that we manufacture can be ATEX certified. Also our range includes components that are USDA Dairy Accepted, EC 1935/2004 compliant and/or conform to FDA regulations with regard to food contact.

Not all worn valves need to be replaced. We also refurbish our valves back to an as-new condition and can provide customers with a range of different service plans.