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In August 2016 Zion Market Research, based in Florida, published figures that confirm our rising population: between 2016 and 2021 the baby food –including infant formula - industry is expected to grow from $53.31 billion annually to $76.48 billion.

Because the dairy industry and, in particular, the production of infant formula, is such an important market, DMN WESTINGHOUSE have extensive ranges of rotary and diverter valves which are designed for use in the dairy industry. All valves that we manufacture for this industry are USDA Dairy Accepted, EC 1935/2004 compliant and conform to FDA regulations with regards to food contact. This means a 316-316L stainless steel construction with highly polished internal surfaces.

Options on rotary valves include slide bars for easy rotor removal and RID Rotor Interference Detection to prevent internal damage to rotor and body. Diverters can be supplied with between two and fourteen ports - depending on the size.

Removing a rotary valve from the base of a silo, vessel or FIBC discharge station can be a laborious and time consuming operation, especially if only for cleaning purposes. Moreover, in certain industries Clean in Place (CIP) process systems are used more and more. These systems require valves that can be cleaned without having to remove them first. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offers a range of EHEDG Type EL Class I compliant CIP components suitable for these hygienic systems. For non-CIP MZC rotary valves, we supply blanking plates and dummy shafts for when the rotor has been removed in order not to block the cleaning process.