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Diverters by DMN-WESTINGHOUSE come in many types and sizes, suitable for a specifi c use or a variety of applications. The extensive diverter range comprises a series of plug diverters (dual pipe, single pipe, CIP suitable, gravity) and tube diverters (2-14 ports), some of which are also available in USDA Dairy accepted version. For the mineral industry, the BTD ball type diverter with its rugged design is very suitable for handling abrasive products.

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Plug diverters

Tube diverters

Other diverters

DMN Westinghouse PTD plug type diverter

Plug diverter
Dual pipe


DMN Westinghouse 2-TDV tube diverter

Tube diverter
USDA Dairy accepted

• 2-TDV

DMN Westinghouse SPTD Single pipe plug diverter

Plug diverter
Single pipe


DMN Westinghouse 3-TDV tube diverter

Tube diverter
USDA Dairy accepted

• 3-TDV

DMN Westinghouse M-TDV Multi port tube diverter

Multi port tube diverter
USDA Dairy accepted


DMN Westinghouse GPD Gravity plug diverter

Gravity plug diverter
USDA Dairy accepted